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The underlying Binance platform has been deployed on 30+ exchanges already. It supports all devices and multiple languages, offering a seamless user experience.
Affiliate program type

Exchange, Trading

Company Name

BitDJ (do) (Shanghai Bijie Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd.)

Date founded

Mar 31, 2017

Founder Name

Guangyin Chen (Owner ) Mr. Changpeng Zhao ( CEO and co-founder )

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Shanghai city Chongming County Town East River No. 68 building F room 250 Shanghai Shanghai, 200000 CN


Shanghai city Chongming County Town East River No. 68 building F room 250 Shanghai Shanghai, 200000 CN



Commission When A Customer Spends $100

Up to 50% - 75% commission from trading fees

Commission duration

Lifetime (Every time the referral code is use)

Commission per sale

50% of Binance fees for referred users indefinitely (The rate of commission will initially be set at a of 50%. This will then be adjusted based on the situation)

Maximum withdrawal


Minimum withdrawal

No minimum

Payout frequency

By request

Supported crypto currencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

Trading Method

peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange

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Automatic payouts



One of the latest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges today is Binance. It is run as a private company and has earned profits that are more than 200 million in its second quarter. The platform has introduced an affiliate program as well. This is one of the reasons why it has grown so fast. Today, the Binance Affiliate Program is a major part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Here is more about it.



The Binance Affiliate Program is registered in Hong Kong. Affiliates can earn substantial benefits from participating. To take part in this program, the first step is to register. After doing so, you get a referral link and a QR code. By using these media, you can invite your friends to register for the Binance platform. After they join the program, you can earn commissions when they make trades on the platform. 

The Binance Affiliate Program awards you a 50% commission in real-time for the trades that your affiliates perform. Commissions are made in the specific cryptocurrency that the referrer used. However, the standard payment cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. The minimum payment is 0.001 Bitcoin. Affiliates in this program do not have a limit to the number of friends that they can invite. With this type of incentive, you can keep inviting more users to Binance platform. 

The platform accepts people from all over the world. If cryptocurrency is legal in your country, you can easily use Binance. The platform consistently searches for fake accounts and duplicates. Upon discovery, commissions are not sent to them. They are also shut down. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rules after joining this program. 



    It is now possible to earn cryptocurrency commissions through the Binance Affiliate Program. It is free to join and provides you with commissions immediately after your referrals make transactions on the platform. You can get referrals through various media. Examples of these are QR codes and links. You get to earn high percentages such as 50% for every trade that your referral performs.

    As a result, the more people that you refer to this program, the higher your commissions. For maximum efficiency, they are paid out with the same cryptocurrency that was utilized in the trade. Your funds are directed to your cryptocurrency wallet immediately.

    As a Binance Affiliate, you can find referrals from any online source such as social media, forums and cryptocurrency websites as well. Hence, this platform is flexible and facilitates instant payments. If you are looking to benefit from the cryptocurrency trade, Binance Affiliate Program is a great way to go!

    Pros & Cons
    • Free to join the Binance Affiliate Program
    • Earn a substantial commission of up to 50%
    • Awards commissions to your affiliate account in real-time
    • Referral commissions paid out in Bitcoin
    • No limit to the number of friends that you can invite to the Binance Affiliate Program
    • Legitimacy through consistent checking and elimination of fake accounts
    • Upon registration, Binance Affiliate Program provides you with various ways to register friends
    • No support for fiat currencies
    • A minimum payout of 0.001BTC
    • Registered in Hong Kong (Maybe little or no regulation)
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