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Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
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Gambling, Entertainment
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Dec 31, 2012
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Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Commission When A Customer Spends $100

Depends on the two commission plans: Full Rev and Unigue hybrid plan

Commission duration

Lifetime Revenue Share:30%

Minimum withdrawal

No minimum and No limits

Payout frequency
By request
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Gambling and Ads

Automatic payouts

CloudBet is a live sports betting-Casino and operates a Bitcoin betting platform, it’s probably one of the largest bitcoin only sportsbook/casinos in the market, currently. The service was open to the public in November YR2013 and has several headquarters that located in Malta, Europe and Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, in Moskovska Street 65. Also, the service licensed under the City government where the company based. The service provide a wide variety of online casino games. Also, it boasts some of the highest limits for “sports wagering” with the limits reaching as high as 50BTC that depending on a few factors. What makes the platform more interesting than other online casinos? has their “mobile platform” that is capable both wager on sports and play casino games.

CloudBet has two types of revenue sharing for their affiliates: Full Rev Share and Hybrid Rev Share/Turnover-based Commissions. For the first three months of being affiliated on the service, affiliates are defaulted to have earnings from Hybrid Revenue share and turnover-based commission scheme that gives 30% share of the profit gained from the referred users that cover casino and live casino games. Also, from the site’s sportsbook, affiliates will get 0.2% from the referred user’s turnover volume. After three months, the affiliates are privileged to choose to remain the first structure or request to benefit from the “Full Revenue Share,” and get a flat rate of 30% commissions that also cover the sportsbook. The commission earned in a lifetime and the payout is upon request (processed within 24 hours) with no minimum earnings and no limits.



•   No Admin Fees: The platform/service applied NO charges.

•   No Bundling of Earnings: All commission paid instantly and transparently.

•   Two Commission Scheme: The system/platform offers two ways of earning a commission that is available for their affiliated members: Full Rev Share and Hybrid Rev Share/Turnover-based Commissions.

•   Very few deductions from commissions: The platform applied a small number of commission fees as a share from the earnings of their affiliates.

•   Excellent range of features: The system possessed outstanding features that surely all players will enjoy through software platform.

•   No Charges Applied on Betting: Bet privately with zero fees.

•   Live Games: The service provides a wide variety of online casino games.

•   Excellent Support: CloudBet has an excellent support team that is available 24/7 via live chat.

•   Highest Limits on betting: The platform offers a limits reaching as high as 50BTC that depending on a few factors.

•   Deposit Bonus: Claims as one of the platform provides a vast amount as a reward when funding the player's account.

•   Instant Withdrawal: The platform offers a fast and convenient method of withdrawal.



•   Bitcoin-Only: The platform supports bitcoin only.

•   No privilege on choosing an affiliate plan/scheme: The affiliates are not entitled to choose between the “Full Revenue Share and Turnover Based Commission. Instead, it is up to the affiliate manager to decide whether the affiliates are qualified for a Full Rev Share or not.

•   Required Email Verification: Creating a new account at CloudBet will be needed to verify via email.

•   A small number of Bets for eSports: Although the platform has a lot of online casino games, but their eSports are limited to a small number of bets for it.

•   Payment Dates Not Determined: CloudBet payment dates not firmly established in public.

•   Single Tier of Affiliate Commission: No sub-affiliation scheme included.


How to be an affiliate:

In return the favor to the gamers, the Company brings in the “CloudBet Affiliate Program.” By joining this “Bitcoin casino affiliate program,” you become more than just a gambler on this platform and more likely a CloudBet partner who has the opportunity to gains profit.

First and foremost, register at and be affiliated with the Company - The earnings will vary on the affiliate scheme. The first three months of being a CloudBet affiliate, the affiliate is entitled to receive a flat 30% share of the profit gained from the referral players under the first structure of the plan: Hybrid Revenue Share and Turnover-Based Commission Scheme. Also, from the site’s “SportsBook,” affiliate are eligible to earn 0.2% of the referred player’s turnover volume. The “Volume” refers to the lower amount between a bettor’s bet and the amount that bettors can win. E.g., When the player bets 1,000 BTC to win 1,500 BTC, the affiliate will get 0.2% of 1500 BTC.

After the first three months as a CloudBet Affiliate. You as the affiliate are qualified to request to be a "Full Revenue Share" affiliate and to be entitled earning more profit under the second structure of the affiliate program or choose to remain in the first structure – please take note that, the request will need to pass the affiliate manager qualification. Once, approve, the affiliate will have the privilege to earn more passive income, which starts from 30% revenue share that will cover the sportsbook.


Funding and Withdrawing Assets on

When it comes to funding CloudBet account, the platform offers “no confirmation deposits” as soon as the player’s assets hit the blockchain. In other hands, withdrawal takes three confirmations of each deposit, but when both parties (player and platform) are all cleared, the withdrawal of funds sent to the players account instantly. Please note, that the platform will ask for up to 24 hours working process for all the withdrawals, but it’s usually sent in an instant unless it is a large number of assets to withdrawn and the funds at the “CloudBet Hot Wallet" are not enough.



CloudBet claims to be one of the best secured online casinos. All the client’s and system’s assets are kept in the “cold storage” with offline signature keys to prevent all possible hacking attack. The platform also has a small “hot wallet” that used for paying out players each day.

The CloudBet only requires email, date of birth and a password for account registration. The platform also offers two-factor authentication for the user accounts and used “HTTPS/SSL Protocol.”

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    Irving 1 week ago

    A good recommendation for an esports bettor. Affiliate scheme is neutral in the sense that is simply streamlined. Not a perfect setup for those who look for the tiered affiliate scheme.

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