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Haasbot is a bitcoin bot that automatically trades for you. Our bitcoin bot can allow you to automate bitcoin trades using technical analysis indicators.
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Company Name

HaasOnline Limited

Date founded

Dec 31, 2004

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Mobile version




Referral reports


Secured By SSL



Exchanges and Trading



Commission When A Customer Spends $100


Commission duration

30 Days

Commission per sale

10% of each referred sale

Minimum withdrawal

No minimum

Payout frequency

By request

Trading Method

Software: trading bots platform

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Automatic payouts



Haasonline is a bitcoin trading bot platform that automatically trades for you and intended for the virtual currencies trading such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company (HAASONLINE SE) was founded by Stephan De Haas where based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. The company also offered a comprehensive affiliate program where you can earn Bitcoins, a 10% commission fees in exchange for boosting their marketing sales. The mechanics of making the 10% commission are far different from other crypto-currency affiliate programs, in this case, you need to generate a sale from promoting Haasbot. E.g., you will get paid in Bitcoins for every new member that buy a “Haasbot License” from the generated affiliate link you created under your account (Bitcoin address).

Besides that, you will get a $10 commission when a customer spends at least $100. The Payout is manually set, and it has no minimum earnings. Also, once you place a payout transaction, it will automatically send to your Bitcoin address and provided with detailed referral reports. You will also be eligible to have access to the affiliates section of their exclusive forum, which will give you more information and techniques that will help you to promote Haasonline Software’s Products efficiently.

According to Haasonline affiliate terms and agreement, in order to become an affiliate and maintain your affiliate program. You need to follow some simple rules. First, never make inaccurate or exaggerated claims about Haasoline Software’s products. Second, it is highly advantageous to have a website for this affiliate program, although it’s not pre-requisite. But it is advised. Failure to follow the rules may face the consequences, like: cancel your affiliate program at any time and change the commission percentage at any time. earned remarkable popularity in the blockchain technology since the beginning of 2017 until now (27th of April 2018). According to Alexa it currently holds the global rank of 96, 400. Most of their traffic seems to originate in the United States and the United Kingdom, but significant numbers also come from the Netherlands, Australia, and France.



The traders are entitled to use any of the custom order bots that add a whole new dimension to automated trading. Of course, the three modules are licensed and needed to be purchased by the user (the most basic bots, costs 0.09 BTC and it covers two trading bots while the advanced license offers unlimited access to everything, costs 0.24 BTC). Now, when everything is set up and configured, the user can trade 24/7, and it supports all the major crypto-currency exchange; also it will allow traders to profits even more from the differences various currency pairs. In addition, there are the “Script bots” for the developers that will enable them to create their owned bots using the script bots framework which fully programmable.



Storing Crypto-currency will depend on the supported wallet from the crypto-currency you obtain, e.g., you have BTC, LTC, and USD stored in your wallet. Each of the crypto-currency will have the recommended crypto wallet, and it’s all up to the user on what storage she/he preferred. Now, Haasonline proudly offered one of the feature of their system, the HTS’s Wallet Asset that allows the user to visualize the contents of all the crypto-currency and fiat amounts across all the exchanges that HTS (HaasOnline Trading Server) is connected to.

Pros & Cons
  • Able to trade in three different ways at the same time using the three modules of Haasbot (Trade Bot, Arbitrage Bot, and Order Bot), that will offer more profitable by the users
  • Through its Arbitrage feature, it allows traders to profits even more from the differences various currency pairs
  • No minimum earnings for payout
  • Automatic payout sent to your Bitcoin Address and together with the detailed referral reports is provided
  • The commission only last for 30 days
  • No sale, no commission
  • Max Limit of BTC on trading
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    Irving (40) 1 year ago

    If you're a trader and would like to have a high return of profit this is highly recommended. The system will do the trade for you. However, You must remember that being a trader you should know when to trade and exit.

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1 review

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    Roselle 10 months ago

    Fair review, very informative.

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