Different Ways to Buy Bitcoin: A Beginner’s Guide

There’s no doubt about it. Cryptocurrency remains a seriously hot topic for potential investors around the globe. If you’re only just hopping on the Bitcoin bandwagon and aren’t 100% sure where to start, it’s not too difficult to get caught up. 

At this point,...

How can a country work without a central bank?

With the exception of just a small handful of countries (Andorra, Panama, Monaco etc.), civilians will have grown up under the economic influence of a central bank. An organisation which in effect, takes full national control of money, currency and economic...

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Bitcoin and Austrian Economics

Bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic version of currency which can be transferred between individuals without the need to involve a financial institution to act as an intermediary. There is an element of the system which relies on a reference to public record...

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How will Bitcoin behave in a financial crisis?

Bitcoin is one of our world's youngest forms of currency, born in 2008. It's no secret that the workings of our global economy are convoluted. The value of our assets and our collective economic stability are beholden to the behavior of financial institutions...

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What are the world's most valuable currencies?

Every country has its currency but, no two currencies have the same value. This is why this article discusses some of the most valuable ones. For the purpose of comparison, the value of each currency has been given in US dollars since it is the international...

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