2-factor authentication (SMS, physical token, Google Authenticator, Authy...)

2-factor authentication is considered to be a good way of enhancing online account security. Rather than relying solely on a password, there are different 2FA methods which sort of increase an extra layer of security in an attempt to reduce problems such as...

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Affiliate marketing revenue models (CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA...)

Making money from affiliate marketing has become more and more popular as people started to make money online. In a nutshell affiliate marketing is when you get paid for when someone clicks or buys through a link you placed on behalf of another company or seller....

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Gambling Laws in Nevada

Nevada is home to the most popular gambling city in the States and the world over; Las Vegas, so it should come as no surprise that gambling laws in Nevada are one of the more lenient ones. 
It is immediately apparent from the laws that their main aim is not...

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Gambling Laws In The State of Florida

The State of Florida possesses one of the most straightforward and comprehensive gambling laws, contained in Chapter 849 of the Florida Statutes.
In Florida, gambling is illegal, unless it falls under any of the several exceptions that the statutes provide for....

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