5 Alternative Uses of Cryptocurrency

When people hear about cryptocurrency, most often they automatically relate it to investments and digital trading. A large part of this is caused by how bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency established, was able to gain its popularity. The world got to know bitcoin...

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Which Country is Most Likely to Accept Cryptocurrencies as an Official Payment

How to Pick the Best Crypto Trading Platform for your Needs

Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or have been trading, investing and using bitcoins and altcoins ever since they were created, picking a trading platform can be an arduous task especially with multiple possible choices. There is a constant debate on what...

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Bitcoin ATMs: What, Where, and How?

Bitcoin has become a global sensation over the past few years as more and more people are investing, trading and getting into the cryptocurrency market. From its conception in 2009, its value has skyrocketed at a time to almost 20,000 USD per BTC. Despite having...

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What happens to your cryptocurrency when you die?

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