Smart Contracts: Understanding the Risks and Opportunities

You must have heard about smart contracts and its contribution to the blockchain technology. If you aren’t aware of what smart contract is or would like to learn more, just click here.


Blockchain is a decentralized network and this makes it unique. This feature...

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Crypto Scams: The Most Common Cryptocurrency Scams and How to Avoid Them

The growth and progress of cryptocurrency and blockchain over the years have been amazing. It’s been making a name not only in trading but in different fields and industries as well. Many people are looking to invest in it. You can invest not only in bitcoin...

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Cryptocurrency Investment: Common Investment Mistakes for Newcomers and How to Avoid Them

Cryptocurrency has been becoming more popular to many that some are becoming more interested in investing in it. Some crypto investors who have been in the financial market for a long time have invested much of their money and have gained a lot from it. The...

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Blockchain Networks Explained: Public Blockchain | Private Blockchain | Hybrid Blockchain & Federated Blockchain

Blockchain is the technology that is used in cryptocurrency or bitcoin. It is like a ledger that saves the data or records on each transaction. Usually, once it is recorded and saved it can not be altered. Blockchain technology is designed to make each record...

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Blockchain Insights: Enterprise Blockchain Solution that Will Create Business Opportunities

In 2018, about 95% of businesses and companies invested in blockchain technology testing. To date, those pilot companies are now moving to the end-user testing stage. Some of those businesses are in the field of cybersecurity, agriculture, and healthcare.


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Cryptocurrency Wallets vs Bank Savings : What are the Difference? | Benefits of Decentralized Financial System

Blockchain Development: The Importance of Virtualization in Financial Institutions

Countries Where Bitcoin Trades With A Premium And Reasons Behind

There are several countries around the globe that are now trading their cryptocurrency or Bitcoin with premium. And each country has its own reasons for its involvement in the world of cryptocurrency.


Countries That Trade Bitcoin with a Premium

There are some...

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Bitcoin Casinos: Blockchain Makes Huge Impact on the Entertainment Industry | Upsides and Downsides

What is Blockchain? Blockchain is the distributed ledger of cryptocurrency that contains recorded data of information of the transactions between two parties. Originally it is written as blockchain, and the record values in each chain are called blocks. These...

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