Day Trading vs Investing - What’s the Best Way to Make Money in The Altcoin Market?

If you’ve just started looking into bitcoins with the hope of investing or trading for profits, you must have come upon the wide range of altcoins now available. Although Bitcoin may be the first cryptocurrency, there are now so many other alternatives that...

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Bitcoin ATMs: What, Where, and How?

Bitcoin has become a global sensation over the past few years as more and more people are investing, trading and getting into the cryptocurrency market. From its conception in 2009, its value has skyrocketed at a time to almost 20,000 USD per BTC. Despite having...

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Cryptotrading Without Slippage: How Does Crypto OTC trading work?

The cryptocurrency market is a sensitive one. A little change can have a huge impact on traders and investors across the globe. If an investor makes a big transaction in the market, the price will likely make a big (and likely unwanted) move as the order is...

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Cryptocurrencies trading

One of the most lucrative activities today is cryptocurrency trading. It involves exchanging cryptocurrencies with each other for a profit. It also means exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies. By buying low and selling high, you are able to get a...

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