Gambling Laws in Illinois

Gambling in the State of Illinoiss a Class A misdemeanor, unless one gets any further subsequent convictions. What this means is, gambling is categorized as one of the highest forms of misdemeanors in the State. What it also means is that getting convicted for gambling here will only attract a maximum jail term of one year.

The big question becomes, what does the state consider to be illegal gambling?

Gambling in Illinois is legislated under Illinois Gambling Laws and regulated by the different state gambling authorities and supported by several other Acts, including the Riverboat Gambling Act (RGA), Video Gaming Act (VGA), Bingo License and Tax Act (BLTA), Illinois Lottery Law (ILA), Raffles and Poker Runs Act (RPRA), Charitable Games Act (CGA) and the Pull Tabs and Jar Games Act (PJGA).

What’s clear from the Illinois gambling Laws is this; gambling is illegal if the activity is not done in accordance with the corresponding Act or under, by or for the corresponding State authority. So the major determination is in whether an act is considered as gambling or not.

As is the case with other States, the State holds a monopoly in enjoying revenues from lotteries or other forms of gambling conducted in the State. So any person, not affiliated to the State, who runs or operates any gambling joint or devices is guilty of gambling.

The law makes no mention of any age-restrictions, but it can be deduced from other supporting legislation that the minimum age is 21 years.

Where Offline Gambling Stands In Illinois

We can deduce the definition of gambling from Illinois Gambling Laws as knowingly playing a game of chance or skill for money or other thing of value, as long as no payment or purchase is required to participate in the said games. This stands for wagers on games, contests and other political outcomes of chance.

Also, state-authorized pari-mutuel betting is legal, Bingo, whose play complies with the Bingo License and Tax Act is legal, lotteries conducted by the State are legal.

Where The Illinois State Stands On Online gambling

Purchase of a lottery ticket through online if the lottery is conducted by or for the State is purely legal.

The laws prohibit any person from knowingly establishing, maintaining, or operating a gambling site online whether the gambling is on a result of a game, contest, or other political outcomes.

The Laws, however, seem to make no mention of an individual merely taking part in the online gambling. It seems to target the operators.


Illinois Gambling Laws on Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related have become very tricky to legislate on as well as rule on in the Courts of Law. Naturally, the Illinois State laws make no mention of anything like this, but the closest we can get is with the regulations regarding the Internet.

The Laws forbids gambling for money or any “other thing of value.” So by this, cryptocurrency gambling would qualify as illegal.

However, as we saw earlier, the law seemed to have ignored prohibiting an individual from taking part in online gambling and chose to focus on the operators instead.

So by that deduction, crypto-currency gambling- gambling would seem not to be illegal.






The Illinois State Laws seem to be rather more lenient if compared to say, the District of Columbia, whose Gambling laws are quite stringent. The laws may not be conclusive but are certainly more inclusive well defined.




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