Gambling Laws in Macau

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Macau has legalized gambling since the 19th century; the country’s gambling market is not entirely controlled as betting on online platforms is not restricted under any law. However, Macau’s offline gambling activities and casinos are regulated by the government’s Gaming inspection and management department.


The gambling opportunities offered in the Macau gambling market can be classified as the lottery, Casino games, greyhound races, and sports betting. Since online gambling activities are not controlled or authorized by the Macau gambling laws; citizens are allowed to participate in the games offered by foreign-based online betting platforms.


Basic Definitions

Macau does not have any specific legal description of gambling, but its gambling laws classify games of chance as those whose result depends on the player’s luck. It also describes pari-mutuel betting as a betting on animal races or sports competitions where winners share the winnings based on individual bet amount.


Age Restrictions

To eliminate the issue of addictive gambling, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau implement the betting laws strictly. Players are only allowed to play a part in any gambling activity in Macau if they are above the age of twenty-one years.


Stance on Offline Gambling

Macau gambling laws allow a wide variety of gambling opportunities to be offered in Macau’s gaming market; There are over thirty key casinos, a greyhound track, and a horse track in Macau; these comprise of both the conventional gambling casinos and the modern gambling resorts that have been established by foreign betting firms. Macau’s gaming market attracts a large number of gambling visitors that bring in a lot of income. A significant number of gambling tourists from countries where gambling is prohibited visit the country to enjoy the wide variety of gambling opportunities offered in the region.


Stance on Online Gambling in Macau

There are no existing laws that affect online gambling in Macau. As a result, a lot of foreign-based online casinos offer their services to Macau players.

Since Macau gambling laws do not correctly identify online gambling; the Macau government does not control it, therefore operating an online casino in Macau is not permitted.


Types of Legal and Illegal Gambling Games in Macau

The Macau Gaming Laws allow a huge variety of gambling games to be played in Macau casinos.


Legal gambling games include Poker, major Sports Betting such as basketball and soccer, lucky draws, horse races, lotteries, Slot gaming, Baccarat, raffles, Blackjack, and greyhound racing.


It is illegal to offer Bingo in Macau casinos; the game is not permitted, and one can be prosecuted if caught partaking in the game.


Stance on Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Gambling in Macau

The Macau Monetary Authority has warned citizens about cryptocurrencies due to the likelihood of unlawful activities and deception. It also states that cryptocurrencies are not legal, financial tools thus urging people to take caution.


Also, financial institutions are not allowed to provide cryptocurrency exchange services in Macau; however, there are no rules that prohibit cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin gambling in the gambling market.



Macau gambling market has enjoyed tremendous success; the region is the only territory in China that does not restrict gambling activities. Macau has generated a lot of income from gambling tourism since its gambling laws allow a wide variety of gambling opportunities to be accessible to the players.

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