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Nevada is home to the most popular gambling city in the States and the world over; Las Vegas, so it should come as no surprise that gambling laws in Nevada are one of the more lenient ones. 
It is immediately apparent from the laws that their main aim is not to deny anyone the opportunity to gamble but rather to ensure the general welfare of the inhabitants of the State while still appreciating the vital importance of the gambling industry to the economy.

The word “opportunity” instead of “right” is used here because the Nevada gambling laws make it clear that a license or opportunity to gamble is not a right but rather a privilege that can just as swiftly be revoked.

The laws also aim to promote honesty, fairness, inclusivity and a perfectly competitive market for gambling licenses and equipment, while maintaining order and weeding out any criminal or destructive elements.
The Gambling laws of Nevada can be found in Title 41 of the 2017 Nevada Revised Statutes, titled GAMING; HORSE RACING; SPORTING EVENTS.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission are the authorities mandated with regulating and licensing gambling in the State of Nevada.

The state of Offline Gambling In Nevada.

Gambling in Nevada is legal as long as an establishment conducts it while possessing the necessary licensing and complies with the applicable legislation. Las Vegas, a city in Nevada, is the world’s largest gambling location and this is owed to this legislation.

Operating, drawing up or taking part in lotteries, unless operated by a charitable or non-profit organization are deemed illegal, and an indicted party is guilty of a misdemeanor which in Nevada attracts a jail term of 6 months or less and a fine of up to $1,000.

Pari-Mutuel wagering or gambling is illegal in Nevada if the involved party does not possess the necessary federal, state, county and municipal licenses 

The Nevada Statuses on Online Gambling

The Nevada Revised Statutes indeed make mention of the internet and hence allude to online gambling. The laws prohibit the provision of online gambling licensing until the Nevada Gaming Commission adopts the appropriate regulations that will govern the gambling in that space. However, the laws also prohibit the Commission from adopting such regulations unless the Commission can ascertain that the online gambling can be carried out in compliance with the applicable laws, including those regarding the legal age and local jurisdiction of the players. Obviously, attaining this on the internet is easier said than done. Otherwise, with the relevant license, it becomes legal to operate an online gambling business in Nevada.

The Statutes make no mention of the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for gambling, but since online gaming in itself is an inconclusive matter, cryptocurrency gambling seems to share the same fate.

Gambling Age Restrictions in Nevada

The legal gambling age in Nevada is 21 years as defined by the Nevada Gambling Commision. Although a legislator tried to lower this to 18 years back in 2008, his proposal immediately faced oppositions and was denied.
In summary

The Revised Nevada Statutes are an overall very inclusive, concise, thorough and reasonably comprehensive set of laws regulating gambling in the State and they aim to strike a balance between legislating and maximizing revenue generation from the thriving gambling industry in the State.

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