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Although gambling laws in the state of Wisconsin prohibits most forms of gambling activities; the law allows players to bet on opportunities such as dog and horse racing, charitable games such as bingo and raffles, some casino games provided by land-based casinos operated by various American tribes and other opportunities provided by the state lottery.

Wisconsin original constitution prohibited all types of gambling activities for a long time until in the late 20th century when citizens voted in support of gambling activities such as charitable bingo, raffles, pari-mutuel wagering, and state lottery. 

Age restrictions

To participate in gambling activities in the state of Wisconsin; the individual must have attained the legal age of 18 years. Also, the player must have attained the legal age of 21 years in case the gambling activity takes place in a casino.

Types of legal and illegal gambling in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s gambling laws allows nonprofit organizations to host raffles and bingo games charity events. However, the organization is required to be in operation for a number of years and the games should have a maximum individual prize of about five hundred dollars. Also the total prize amount should not go beyond two thousand five hundred dollars in a day.

Also, Wisconsin gambling laws allow betting on dog and horse racing opportunities. Gamblers may wager on these opportunities through off-track betting and online on mobile apps and devices. 
Players can also access gaming opportunities by purchasing tickets sold by the state lottery in various retail stores; among the available games include lotto jackpots, and scratch-off draws. 

Wisconsin gambling laws prohibit all other types of gambling activities and it’s a punishable crime to participate in such gaming activities.

Stance on offline gambling in Wisconsin

The state’ gambling laws allow establishment of land-based casinos depending on the Tribal conditions of the area it is located. Every tribe that establishes a casino is required to form a gaming agreement with the state and also acquire a license from the relevant authorities. In addition the local authority should consent to the type of gambling opportunities provided in the jurisdiction. Most Wisconsin land-based casinos provide players with gambling opportunities such as table, video poker, and slots games. 

Stance on online gambling in Wisconsin

Online gambling sites are illegal to establish in Wisconsin according to the state’s laws. Also, the illegal online betting enforcement act does not allow financial institutions to process gambling transactions making it difficult for gamblers to fund their gambling activities using payment options such as credit cards.
However, the law does not prohibit citizens from participating in gambling activities provided by foreign gambling sites.


Though Wisconsin gaming laws prohibits nearly all types of gambling activities; the state allow betting on legal gambling opportunities such as horse and dog racing, games of skill such as snowmobile racing, charitable games such as raffles and bingo games, lotto jackpots and scratch-off draws offered by the state lottery and some casino games such as table, video poker, and slots games provided by land-based casinos operated by various American tribes.

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