Gamblins Laws in New York

When talking about gambling, whether it is slot machines or horse-racing, the gambling industry is controlled at state level in the U.S.. Given the varying histories in each state, it's of no surprise that the gambling laws among the states vary from highly regulated to relaxed.

In New York, gaming laws have often limited gambling to indian reservation casinos & only allowed betting on horseracing. But times have changed at the Empire State. The New York law has changed to allow for Las Vegas style casinos.


Types of Legal and Illegal Gambling in New York.

As as per the New York gambling laws the following games are perfectly legal to engage in.

1). Casino Gambling.

One can enjoy any casino games at the many Tribal casinos in New York. More recently, a law for permitting commercial casinos to operate in the upstate New York has been passed, with first licenses being issued in 2014.

2). Live Poker.

One can play live poker games only in Tribal casinos. The social poker games are also permitted under the New York law, so long as no one is making profits from the game, & it's played on fair terms.

3). Sports Betting.

Pari-Mutuel betting is permitted in New York, including remotely. One can also gamble on Simulcasts of races. The Racetracks are permitted certain types of bingo / lottery like gaming machines.

4). Lottery Betting.

The state has a lottery & offers the inter State games too.

5). Bingo Games.

Raffle and Bingo type games come under Charity Gaming. They are permitted within New York. There is no regulations for charity poker.


As for the illegal gambling activities, below are some of the prohibited gambling activities in New York.

1). Online Casinos.

There is no explicit statues on internet gambling, however, the state conducted a 2011 "Black-Friday" clampdown on online gambling sites. This was a clear sign of the state's stance on online gambling.


2). Online Poker.

It's illegal to operate online poker games. However, the State doesn't criminalize players engaging in the gambling game.


Online Gambling in New York.

New York laws don't specifically term online gambling as an offence and can not prevent its residents from playing on offshore online gambling websites. However, New York doesn't license or authorize online gambling websites and it's an offence to operate one. The only online gambling permitted in the state is online horse betting. 


Stance on Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Gambling in New York.

There is no legal stance on Cryptocurrency funded gambling in New York. However the citizens who play online through offshore digital currency gambling sites can be treading on legally shaky grounds, & coupling the offshore betting with cryptocurrency further complicates the gambling tax reporting.


Age Restrictions in New York.

The state of New York is often strict in enforcing the legal gambling ages. One must be 18-years to engage in land based bingo, state lottery, or dog & horseracing. New Yorkers of 21-years and above are legally permitted to engage in land based & online casinos, poker rooms, & online sports betting.


Ramifications of Illegal Gambling in New York.

Illegal gambling in the state of New York is classified as a Class-E felony. This essentially means that anyone who is convicted of any crime is liable to a sentence of up to 4-years in prison depending on the severalty. A Probation term of 5-years, & payment of a fine.



The state of New York is considered among the most restrictive states when it comes to gambling. Considering this time and age, New York is among the few states to accept and regulate online betting. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as many New Yorkers have petitioned the state to look into their restrictive laws on gambling so as to fully tap into the proceeds of legalized gambling.

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