Keno - Basic Rules, Versions, Tips and Tricks

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Keno can be now found in every casino in both online and land-based worldwide. It’s one of the casino games with poor player odds. It’s very easy to play, you do not need a huge amount of money to play this game. The odds of winning is solely dependent on your luck with numbers.



Basic Rules

Though you need not have the skills to play Keno, you need to be lucky and wise with your decisions. Depending on the player’s strength with numbers, winning depends on the player’s capability to guess or pick the set of winning numbers between 1 and 80. In order to win, the numbers you have picked should match any of the 20 numbers being drawn automatically. The payout depends on how many numbers you’ve picked that matches the drawn numbers.


Keno Bets

Straight Tickets

This is the basic and most common type of ticket. Just simply mark the numbers of your choice and wait for the numbers to be called to see if it matches any of your chosen ones.


Way Tickets

Is one where you can bet on multiple sets of numbers.


King Number Tickets

A king number bet will have one number that will be added to all of your other groups of numbers and will also play as a one spot by itself.


Split Tickets

These type of tickets have 2 separate tickets consisting of 2 sets of numbers. 2 straight tickets in 1 card.


Combination Tickets

Combines several different variations such as straight bets, way bets, and etc in a single ticket.


Different Versions of Keno

Video Keno

Video Keno is a much more fast-paced game and the results are determined by a Random Number Generator. This game is too easy to play. Like a paper keno ticket, it has 8 rows and 10 columns with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. You pick your numbers, choose the amount you wish to bet. You can play multi-cards as well which increases your chance of winning. The payoff in this version differs from casino to casino.


Live Keno

Usually, you can find Live Keno in a Keno lounge or online casino. If you know how to play Bingo, you’ll learn it really fast as it is basically similar. You can select the numbers of your choice on the ticket and place your bet. 20 random numbers out of the 80 numbers will be drawn. If most of the numbers you’ve selected matched the drawn numbers, then you win a payoff depending on the spots you have marked, and your amount of bet.


Keno Tips and Tricks

  • Look for Special Feature Tickets

  • Always check the Keno game rules

  • Pick a game with bonus games and features

  • Search for the casino that offers high payouts

  • Always choose a progressive Keno game

  • If you wish to play more Keno in an hour, opt to play video keno as this can be played faster than the live keno. Plus, it will give you more chances of winning.

  • In Live Keno, claim the winnings of one round within five minutes before the next round begins or else you lose the entire amount.

  • Don’t get carried away when playing Keno and make sure to control yourself as it can be addictive, especially when you’re winning big at the start.



Keno is relatively an easy game to play but there is no exact technique on how you could win. It is basically dependent on your luck with numbers. Always choose to play the version that you are at ease with and spend only what you can afford to lose. It is fun to have some fun gambling but you must know your limitations, financially, as well.


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