Microgaming - Summary, Interesting Facts, Differences to Other Game Providers

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If you’re going to search about top Online Casino providers, you’ll definitely see Microgaming on the list. For more than 20 years now, Microgaming is one of the pioneers when it comes to the Online Gaming market. In 1994, they’ve developed their first Online Casino Software. Today, they are known as one of the world’s biggest providers of Internet Casino Gaming. They also provide Business Solution and Quickfire Platform.


Microgaming is known for providing a variety of online casino games and developing a reliable software solution. It is also known for their linked continuous jackpot which means, prizes goes up quickly. Their online casino games offer support for 45 languages and accessible for 25 different currencies. Microgaming has a high pool prize which players get easily attracted to. And we’re not even talking about a hundred-dollar jackpot, but a multi-million dollar jackpot.


Not only that they offer a huge prize pool but have a relatively high RTP which is 96% and can boost up to 99.94%, in some games. Microgaming games are available via desktop download, instant browser play, and mobile device.



Microgaming Products

Microgaming has produced thousands of games and some of their products have won awards that have made them known and reputable in the gaming industry.

  • Bingo - One of the most adored game in casino outlets which has very unique variations and types.

  • Microgaming Casino - This is the leading choice of most gambling operators as this gives instant access to almost all online and mobile gaming contents.

  • Microgaming Land-based - offers the operators a server-based platform that opens the door to an extensive portfolio of state of the art and very compelling gaming contents via a cloud-based gaming solution.

  • Microgaming Live Dealer - The live dealer suite has a virtual interface that gives access to an auto bet functionality and multi-table play.

  • Microgaming Multi-player - allows players to compete with each other in wide selections of tournaments and features a built-in chat software where players can interact with each other.

  • Poker - Offers different Poker versions.

  • Microgaming Sportsbook - This was launched in 2006 and paves the way to betting markets all across the globe. It includes a comprehensive list of sports from football, tennis, volleyball,


What Makes Microgaming Different

People always want to try something new and this is one of the reasons why Microgaming is still on top of its game. They update their software monthly to ensure the smooth flow of the game.  And, as much as they can, they release new games as well, and even new designs.



Microgaming is known for its strict and effective licenses. Check out their license and visit their website and you’ll see that they’ve included their license in UK Gambling commission together with their license number to prove the security, legitimacy, and trustworthiness of the company.


Visual and Sound

The high-quality game and sound that the games entice players to create an account. Microgaming has a good record in providing a smooth gaming experience notwithstanding its high-quality graphics and sounds especially when it comes with a download version of the casino client.



Microgaming is well-known for giving a high RTP.  But aside from that, they also have a bonus and reward system with simple rules so it’s definitely not hard to win bonuses.


Variety of Games

What makes gambling sites profitable is the number of games it offers and the variety of which. Microgaming offers a lot of different online casino games with unique designs and patterns. The award-winning provider offers different games such as a variety of slot games, Bingo, Poker, Multiplayer, Quickfire, Sportsbook, Land-based and etc.


They also have a Live Casino Dealer with some games like Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. The Live Casino Dealer brought positive feedback and players do enjoy the games even more.


Game Compatibility

Microgaming made their games compatible with any device. There are games available for download,  which can be instantly played via browser and mobile device. Most companies have limited available games for the device but Microgaming made it possible to have a variety of games to choose from. The instant play is what made it stand out among other companies. Though it doesn’t require downloading anything, the quality is still good for playing via a browser. You only need to have an Adobe Flash and Active X to prevent hacking.



Language is one of the barriers to communication. Microgaming has different game versions or variations played in different countries and some do not speak the English language. Luckily, the Microgaming games are available in 45 different languages.


Progressive Games

Microgaming offers progressive games and jackpot which means, all jackpots from the games are linked together on Microgaming’s network. This has made the jackpot so big and the lucky player(s) who will win can even get a high RTP.



Microgaming is the first to offer a multi-player feature. This feature allows players to interact, have fun and play together. It is widely available in most platforms and they can even chat to each other, have avatars, username and a lot more.


There are also tournaments which allow the players to compete which each other. This has made the games even more exciting and thrilling especially if you’re a competitive type.


Why Trust Microgaming?

Here are some interesting facts about Microgaming:

  • Microgaming is a member of the Manx e-Gaming Association (MeGA), whose objective is to maintain and uphold their status as the international leader in e-gaming.

  • Microgaming is a member of the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), which is the largest gambling association which ensures a fair, honest, safe and fun gaming environment.

  • All the casino and poker products of Microgaming are  Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) regulated.
  • They are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission.
  • Co-founded eCogra, a testing agency that specializes in the certification of online gaming software and systems, in 2003 and became independent in 2011 through a management buyout.



Microgaming has set a standard to the gaming community. Though there are lots of positive feedback, you simply can’t just please everyone. Since 1994, they are working hard to keep the company and its products running as smooth as possible. Their culture and commitment to what they made them stand out with their competitors, to date.


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