Mining Rigs Configuration: Settings on Windows that Will Increase the Mining Capability

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Mining Rigs Configuration: Settings on Windows that Will Increase the Mining Capability image

With the right setting, hardware, configuration, and equipment, mining becomes profitable.

Before you get into mining, you have to set things up to build a mining rig. A mining rig is a powerful computer setup built for mining. Computers and CPUs are mostly used for browsing, work, business, presentation, gaming, and school works. 

However, you can improve CPU performance and setting to get the most out of your computer. In this case, the mining rig is a computer setup with optimal settings for mining purposes.  

As you start your rig setup on Windows, you’ll notice there are lots of things, programs, and applications you need to configure and sometimes, remove. The rig can actually produce unexpected results or errors.

Setting up your computer using the Windows operating system is not that difficult. 

Here are the important things you should pay attention to:

Windows Update

Windows Auto Update is your enemy. 

Windows 10 is known for having a lot of updates. Windows 10 has an automatic update and if it runs, there’s nothing you can do. Even if you are doing something important, it will update. 

For beginners, this is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Always double check your Windows Update. Make sure it is disabled or you will have trouble and could possibly lose your data. 

When mining, there are times when you have to keep your computer running for 24 hours. But a Windows update can cause an interruption, leaving unfinished work. Windows forces their updates which could result in rigs not working properly. 


Mining requires a computer with high performance – not only with the specs but with the settings as well.

When mining, computer performance is a big deal. Computer specs must be considered so it can perform well. Settings are just a way to boost up and maximize its performance but the specs will always be the foundation. 

Don’t forget to optimize your computer to its best performance. Enjoy the best Windows experience by making your mining as smooth as possible. 

Power Plan

When mining, the last thing you want to do is leave your computer on sleep, off or on standby.

Keeping your computer running is the key to a higher profit. Always double check and make sure that sleep and standby are both disabled. 

Turn off hibernation and configure the power plan setting. Select “High Performance” on power plans and select “Never” on the Turn off display and Put the computer to sleep settings.

Virtual Memory 

Before, additional memory is required as computers still have low computer memories. But today, Windows already has built-in RAM which is better than before. 

Sometimes, depending on your mining goals, you will not need additional memory. Going for a 4 GB RAM is okay but 8 GB RAM is recommended. If you’re not a solo miner, you can go for 16 GB RAM so it will go more smoothly. This will make syncing and mining faster. 

Remote Desktop 

Nowadays, there are lots of applications, third-party software, and online tools you can use to access your computer at home remotely. 

If you’re not at home often, you still need to check and manage your mines. But, if you want it to be more safe and secure, you can check the mining progress from your local network by enabling your Remote Desktop. 

Power Management 

PCI express is a great way to control the power estate of your computer. It turns off your computer’s power estate when there’s no activity running. It’s perfect for working and business purposes. In addition, power management prevents your devices from power-induced damages.

However, it should be active all the time when you’re mining. Just like the sleep and hibernate mode, PCI express’ setting must be changed to active all the time. However, you have to double check it often as Windows turn it on automatically when downloading or uploading on your mining software. 

Remove Applications 

There are lots of Windows application that you will not need when you’re mining with the Windows OS. Apps like Cortana, Bing search, and other Windows build-it applications are unnecessary. These apps are just a waste of space and they’re not needed for mining. 

Mining Software 

You can download whatever mining software you like but choosing the pool and its credentials is crucial. 

It’s up to you whether you mine solo or not. But always remember that mining solo can be difficult. It may take you some time to make a profit. But the good thing is, whatever you find is yours. 

Pool mining is easier as you will mine together with other miners. However, you have to equally distribute the profits to the rest of the miners. 

Installing the drivers needed for the mining software you’ve chosen is important. Sometimes, they require an additional driver to be installed before you can fully install the software. 

Remove Crashed Software

If your mining software crashes or keeps on crashing for some reason, remove it cleanly. Make sure the crashed dialogs do not show up. Configure your Windows setting so the crashed dialog will not show up as it can affect your mining process. 

Windows Registry

Windows registry needs a lot of tweaks for Windows applications that do nothing but eat space and performance. These applications can be disabled at will. 

Be careful in downloading and installing software online as some of them are not legit. Installing them might cause problems in the registry later on.

When you try and edit the registry, you will get a warning from Windows. But don’t fret as that is normal when dealing with core programs and apps from Windows.

Mining can be difficult but profitable. Staying updated especially with configuring the settings on Windows is important. Windows 10 is one of the most used operating systems in cryptocurrency mining as it is easy to install, setup, and most importantly — maintain.

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