Online Sportsbooks And Betting In Nigeria

Sports betting is a reward for passion. Sports have a deep route in our society and Nigeria been at the frontiers of sport for quite some time. The advent of online sportsbooks and betting in Nigeria was no surprise because we as Nigerians loves the merriment that surrounds sports, most especially football and we are always ready to go any length to enjoy what it has to offer.

Online sports betting has actually brought new things into Nigeria. Gone are the days when fans would place manual bets with friends to display their unshakeable love for the side they support. Now it's a new era, all the bets being placed are done online, with a unit of measurement called odds.

Right here in this article, we will be taking a look at what online sportsbooks and betting in Nigeria is like. In the process of doing that, we will be addressing key areas such as the popularity of online bets, the regulations, it's legality, payment methods, sites and the possible sports that you can place bets on.

The popularity of sports betting in Nigeria

Hardly would you walk past a street in any city in Nigeria without coming across sports betting shop with an average number of ten people waiting to place a bet. This proves the extent at which Nigerians love sport betting. And the number of people visiting betting shops is just a minute fraction compared to the numbers of people that place their bets online.

The regulations and legality of betting in Nigeria

Online sports betting in Nigeria has not really come under attacks from government agencies in Nigeria. In fact, online betting sites in Nigeria are registered businesses and see recognized by the government as a legal business. The only law that bounds online sport betting in Nigeria is age restrictions. According to the rule of law, an individual must be above 18 years of age to place a bet.

Payment method

The payment method of online betting sites in Nigeria are quite similar. Take for example, the number one online betting site in Nigeria bet9ja has a simple and straight forward payment method. After winning a bet, which comprises of amount won and bonuses, the sum is cleared Into your account online which is already connected to your bank account number. You can decide to either clear the sum immediately into your bank account or leave it online just in case you want to place another bet.

Sites and sports

The online sportsbooks and betting site in Nigeria offer access to place bets on several sports. The common ones includes; football, basketball, tennis, cricket, snooker, handball, and even politics. However, the sport that generates the highest numbers of bet on a daily basis is football. These betting sites give people the opportunity to place bets on any football match across the globe, including major leagues and competition.

Thinking of placing a bet online, there are numerous online betting sites that you can visit to do so. The popular ones include bet9ja, nairabet, merry bet, Betking, winners golden bet, access bet, surebet 247 and many more.

It's a whole new world out there and betting sites in Nigeria are keeping you with the trend!

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