What is Gnosis?

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What is Gnosis?

Gnosis is a software project that's been around for a while and is similar to auger.


They're building a decentralized prediction market on top of the Ethereum Network.


A prediction market is essentially a gambling site that allows you to make bets on the outcome of a - sports event, presidential collection, etc.


The Gnosis marketing team members, concepts, etc. Seem good so far. Therefore, this will most likely offering (ICO) to watch and consider.


Ethereum based ICOS that have sold out in hours to minutes: Golem, Sngular, First Blood, Digixdao.


Gnosis will likely attract a lot of investor interest and likely sell out quickly as well.


The structure of the Gnosis ICO is meant to maximize the amount of money they receive for their GNOS, or minimize the number of GNOS they sell to raise a maximum amount of money.

Investors may get a worse deal, but all investors will have ample time to participate, and they will all receive the same price regardless if they participated early or late.


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