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It seemed a week ago that the digital currency world is gaining its momentum. Ripple(XRP) drove the market which picked up about 200% in esteem and nearly overwhelmed Ethereum to end up as the second-largest digital currency by market cap. Nonetheless, that momentum has encountered difficulty supporting into this week, as Bitcoin floats in the $6,679, Ethereum stays at $228, and swell has settled quite recently above $0.54, starting late Friday evening, EDT, and as indicated by Coinmarketcap. 


Top Three Cryptocurrencies

On September 27, the crypto market keeps on rising as the crypto and blockchain industry is seeing some help from legislative and institutional entities. Following a sell-off that began on September 24, crypto markets are seeing the second day of a rebound, with trade volume currently up to more than $16 billion. 


Bitcoin (BTC) is up at around 2.82 percent over the 24 hours duration, and trading at $6,679 at press time. Bitcoin is still down more than 3 percent in the course of recent days. 


Increasing throughout the day, Ethereum (ETH) is being traded at $228 at press time. As per Cointelegraph Ethereum Price Index, the altcoin is up for more than 6 percent in the course of recent hours at press time and more than 2 percent on the week. 


Ripple (XRP), gained its rank as the third largest cryptocurrency which is up at 3.98 percent over the 24-hour period and trading at $0.54 at press time. It is up very nearly 60 percent over the previous month. 



Crypto markets have seen a rebound with total market value bouncing back greater than $220 billion only within a couple of hours. At press time, the total crypto market capitalization is $224 billion, with an intraday low of $212.9 billion. 


Bitcoin's dominance has marginally declined as the total market capitalization is continuously growing.

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