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Date founded

Dec 31, 2010


Exante is an investment broker providing trade access to the Interbank market. Exante is licensed by MFSA. The company provides its own EXANTE platform for customers. The platform offers a Click-Trade...

Exante is an investment broker providing trade access to the Interbank market. Exante is licensed by MFSA. The company provides its own EXANTE platform for customers. The platform offers a Click-Trade module where you can instantly place a bet or place an order at a market price. The Real-Time Market Depth option is also available





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English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Spot trading








Decimal pricing

4 Digits

Max Leverage


One click execution


Minimal Lot



Currency pairs


Deposit methods

Bank wire

Minimum Initial Deposit


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Withdrawal methods

Credit card (VISA/Mastercard), Bank wire

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Thanks to advances in telecommunication technology, we are now conducting business across borders. There are companies which facilitate financial services through dedicated platforms. A prime example of such is Exante. This is an investment company that provides investors with access to multiple markets across the world. The company provides access to the highest number of markets in Europe. In addition to that, it also handles cryptocurrencies. This puts it at the forefront of financial innovation. In this company, they provide a variety of investment options and implement international business strategies. Moreover, all operations are conducted according to European regulations. As such, they are compliant, and investors can be confident in the services that are offered. Here is more about this broker company.



•     Multiple Market: This platform was developed by traders who had a professional background in multiple markets around the globe. Exante enables investors to gain access to multiple markets from one intuitive account. Within the platform, traders have direct access to thousands of different financial asset items. Examples of these are stocks, currencies, futures, options, bonds, cryptocurrencies, commodities and metals as well.

•     Excellent Accessibility: The platform is dynamic in nature. As a result, you can access it from a computer or even a mobile device of your choice. By using Exante, you can participate in the biggest Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) today.

•     Fixed Income Investment: This platform also provides you with an excellent spot to perform fixed income investing. In this category of activity, you can invest in hedge funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) so as to perform efficient diversification of your portfolio.

•     Multiple exchanges at the same time: This amazing feature allows you to take advantage of split-second price discrepancies and make profits. It is a unique feature of Exante that professional traders can use to grow their portfolios rapidly. Seeing as it also supports cryptocurrency trading, your options for cross-currency trades are increased exponentially.

•     Investors can also gain access to derivatives within this platform: Examples of these are features and options that are all contained in one convenient account. A great feature of Exante is that the platform enables you to perform automatic trading. You can set up its algorithm to perform high-speed trades according to pre-determined strategies. As such, this platform is an effective, virtual investment assistant. In case of any complications or you need some tweaking of your account, you can receive customer support from Exante at any time during the day or night.



•     It provides access to multiple exchanges around the world

•     You can trade multiple instruments using one convenient account

•     This platform is dynamic and can be manipulated through a mobile device or a computer

•     It assists investors with diversification efforts

•     You can perform automatic trading through this platform



•     The demo access period is quite short

•     It is fairly expensive to maintain a trading account in this platform



The international financial market is vibrant and provides an immense opportunity for profit. You can participate in these markets through the Exante platform. Intuitive, effective and dynamic, it can enable you to make profits and grow your portfolio!

Pros & Cons
  • Fast And Accurate Order Execution
  • Multi Products Offerings
  • Unique ATP
  • Low Transactional Cost
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • MiFID Compliant
  • Does not accept U.S. traders
  • High minimum deposit
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