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Automatic bets


Maximum bet

15 BTC

Minimum bets

0.00000001 BTC

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Minimum withdrawal

0.0005 BTC

Maximum withdrawal


Deposit methods

Bitcoin, Ethereum

Withdrawal methods

Bitcoin, Ethereum

Company Name

999dice sro

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Casinos have for so many years offered different and unique gambling options to both thrill seekers and profit seekers. A step into the casino world, the city of Las Vegas would leave you in awe of the thousands of activities that you can take part in within a single casino. These activities have since been decentralized and introduced to everyone around the world with the help of the ever growing technology.

999Dice is an online cryptocurrency gambling site which offers a platform for the Dice game only. This platform is very unique in its operation as it is the only online dice game that offers a house edge of as low as 0.1%. This simply means that 999Dice has a payout rate of 99.9% which is considered the highest among all online dice games.



•     Registration: The signup process for this platform is very quick and simple as it only prompts you to choose a username and a password. Once you begin your registration, a two-factor authentication process is introduced on the signup process to ensure that your account is safe and secure.

•     Some individuals have noted that the registration process does not function well on the Firefox browser and have found better functionality when using google chrome.

•     Deposits and Withdrawals: 999Dice functions and accepts multiple cryptocurrencies which include Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC).

•     Depositing these funds into your signed up account simply requires you to send either of the three currencies to an email provided on the site from your e-wallet. This is a very fast process which should take less than a minute where no confirmation of deposit is required for funds to be credited to a user’s account on 999Dice.

•     On the other hand, withdrawals take more time as an email confirmation is required once a withdrawal is launched. Withdrawal processes are the reverse of a deposit where a link between the 999Dice wallet and your e-wallet is required via an email address. A minimum of 0.0002 BTC can be withdrawn into your wallet with a charge of 0.0001 BTC charged as transaction fees.

•     999Dice games: Just as the name says, 999Dice offers dice as the only game on its platform. This platform offers a very simple way of playing dice as it gives you the chance to choose your stake and your percentage chance of winning. The options to choose from are only two which are high and low. A low option is when your dice number falls in between 0 and 49,999 while a high option is when the numbers fall in between 950,000 to 999,999. The dice number is randomly selected and can also fall in between 50,000 and 949,999 which are non-winning numbers.

•     This site has a proprietary software which means that 999Dice is the provider of the game on this online platform.

•     Customer Service: The customer services on this platform operate on an email field on the site which requires you to include an email address in your query to ensure that you receive feedback. This mode is fairly reliable than its social media platforms which include Facebook and Twitter.



•     Dynamic capability: This platform can be used on any mobile device making it very flexible and convenient.

•     Deposits and Withdrawal are instant: Transactions are done very quickly and require very few details for them to be completed.

•     Provably Fair: This online game uses an algorithm that provides security and trust for the platform for any gambler as well as its faucet which offers free coins to participate in the dice game.



•     No Bonuses Offers: 999Dice does not provide any form of discount or bonuses on its platform which can be a little bit discouraging for any player who has participated in any other online gambling site.

•     Unregulated and restricted in the USA: This platform has been banned in the USA and cannot serve any individual in this territory. It has also not stated any regulation or licensing details which provides a worrying feature as no one would take liability should it become obsolete.



999Dice is a very unique platform which gives the client the edge over his or her funds making it more fun and profitable for any gambler. Its simplistic style of play provides some comfort that any casino would aspire to provide to its clients.

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