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Not regulated, Only one language, Complex submission process

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May 01, 2018




Independent and objective information, Not affiliated to any ICO company, Organizes events


Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation


Russian Federation


Chinese, English, Japanese

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ICORating is an agency which specializes in the analysis of ICO projects and the performance of the crypto market. The company conducts independent research on the trends in the crypto market and delivers such market information to a wide network of investors. The company has been collecting cryptocurrency data for several years and thus it has the essential experience needed to provide reliable analysis and prediction of cryptocurrency trends and performance. 

The ICO research conducted by ICORating covers multiple areas. Some of the areas covered by ICORating include; token sales, exchange trends, media influence on the performance of the crypto market, and the probability of success of an ICO project. This information is delivered to investors and exchange companies to facilitate them in making objective and informed investment decisions.


Investment Rating

The cryptocurrency market is progressively maturing. The standards needed to be met by ICO projects are increasingly becoming stringent. The investors are also quite reluctant to fund ICO projects whose founders have not demonstrated the needed commitment to manage the project professionally and successfully.

ICORating helps ICO projects get an independent and objective investment rating. After the analysis of the ICO project is done, the information garnered is relayed to an extensive network of investors who use such information to make objective investment decisions. Such an independent rating demonstrates the level of openness among the project pioneers and is likely to increase the level of investor responsiveness.

Basic Review

ICORating works with ICO companies to stage a convincing ICO project to investors and crypto fund establishments. Unlike the investment rating, this basic review does not give a specific rating to the ICO project. However, clients still stand to benefit from several premier reviews such as market analysis, business model review, SWOT analysis, and the development strategy review. 

Clients who submit their ICO projects to ICORating for basic review also get to benefit from technical analysis which helps highlight technical weaknesses in the ICO project. Such technical highlights are crucial in minimizing the possibility of hacking exploits and increases system resilience and reliability.

Smart Contract Audit

ICORating provides an in-depth audit of smart contract systems to identify bugs and highlight code vulnerabilities. Such an analysis is important in ensuring that the investor funds are held securely, reduce theft of funds, and prevent unintentional code execution. 

Some coding mistakes can launch unintentional processes within the system. Such undetected coding mistakes can lead to the loss of millions of investor funds or even lead to the overall breakdown of the whole system. Thus smart contract audit is essential and is bound to increase investor confidence especially when done by an independent and objective smart contract audit agency.

Post-ICO Rating

A post ICO rating is as much crucial as the initial ICO rating. Once an ICO project has taken off successfully, the ICO founders will still need to ensure that more investors come in and that the ICO tokens are introduced in the leading exchanges. Therefore, it is important to maintain a high level of transparency and embrace best practices even after the initial success.

ICORating provides post-ICO rating services which play a big role in determining whether the ICO tokens will be accepted in exchange facilities and attract more investors. Such verifiable information gives ICO companies a bigger advantage over those who do not have an objective rating from an independent and nonaffiliated ICO rating agency.


  • * Provides independent and objective ICO rating information.
  • * Is not affiliated to any ICO company.
  • * Has extensive investor network.
  • * Organizes different events in different countries to inform, train, and link investors with crypto entrepreneurs. 


  • * Does not have a live chat.
  • * Not regulated.
  • * The website interface is monolingual.
  • * Has a sophisticated ICO review request submission process.


ICORating provides a detailed analysis of ICO projects as investment objects. This gives investors and crypto fund establishments crucial information which they need to make informed investment decisions. To ICO project pioneers, an independent ICO rating could be the right solution to them and may go a long way in increasing investor confidence and trust in the ICO project. It is also an excellent way of showing openness and high standards of transparency which are key in launching and managing a successful ICO project.

Pros & Cons
  • Independent and objective information
  • Not affiliated to any ICO company
  • Organizes events
  • Not regulated
  • Only one language
  • Complex submission process
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