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GoURL is a very popular payment gateway for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which is particularly attractive due to its "open source" character. Open source means that behind GoURL is a dedicated community of developers who love to help improve the platform and provide new features in their free time. The service is aimed at anyone who makes money on the internet in any way, be it with online shops, blogs or other content loaded websites and those who want to offer their customers the opportunity to access digital products, products and memberships pay.

If you are still looking for an idea of how to monetize your own website, you will receive ideas directly from GoURL. The gateway works for all sorts of monetization, you can, for example, sell rights to view or download certain files (gambling and adult sites not excluded), offer Premium memberships, offer space to advertise or post on your site, and so on. Interested buyers choose how they want to pay. If they opt for the crypto variant, a standardized payment box will appear with a short payment guide, the requested amount and the wallet address of GoURL can be seen. If you use a mobile wallet, you can simply scan the displayed QR code and start the transfer automatically. If you click on "Open Wallet" instead, you only need to click on the "Send" button on the user interface of your own wallet. This does not open another window, as is the case with other payment providers. All steps take place directly on the website with the Payment Box. A third option is to manually start the transfer process.

About 5 seconds after the customer has sent the requested quantity of coins to the wallet address of GoURL, he will receive a confirmation. Of course, you as the website owner (aka seller) will also receive a notification immediately and can view all details of the transaction. The digital coins should arrive in your personal wallet within 30 minutes. For security reasons, GoURL does not store coins on its own server, but automatically forwards all payments to the wallet addresses of the sellers.

If you don't have your own website and still want to sell files, pictures, videos or articles, you can use the GoURL Monetiser Online. All you need to do is upload your files to Google Drive, create a "Buy Now" link and share it on forums and other sites. But if you save on your own website, you'll also pay higher fees. Per sale/transaction, 3.5% is deducted when using Monetiser Online. When using the Payment Box, the fee is 1.5%.

With GoURL you can accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and a few other lesser known cryptocurrencies. A ready-to-use plugin is only available for Wordpress / WooComerce, but this is extremely popular. On Wordpress, GoURL is celebrated as the most popular crypto gateway with over 7,000 installations. Alternatively, you can use the API to configure your own gateway. This is possible in programming languages such as Python, Java, and C#.

Sellers are welcome to set prices for their products/services in a fiat currency because GoURL applications calculate the crypto price according to the current exchange rate. Please note that your money will always be paid in the respective cryptocurrency and NOT in Euro or US dollars! If you want to exchange the coins for Fiat money, this is only possible via detours. For this, you have to have an account on a trading platform like Poloniex or Bitfinex, then configure the setting so that all incoming payments are automatically forwarded from your wallet to the exchange account. After activating the "Autosell" function, the exchange into the Fiat currency takes place within one to two hours so that you do not have to worry too much about price jumps. The money is then stored in the Exchange Wallet until you make a withdrawal to your bank account, but do not forget that all of this, of course, costs fees again.

GoURL is an ideal application for all those who want to jump on the crypto train completely. You remain relatively anonymous, enjoy a growing open source platform and receive payments in Bitcoin directly to your wallet. You can also view detailed statistics on each transaction. However, if you would rather be paid out in euros or US dollars, you should take a look at CoinGate or BitPay.



  1. The platform works anonymously (No need to provide a badge or bank account to accept payments)
  2. All payments will be confirmed within 5 seconds and forwarded to the personal wallet within 30 minutes
  3. Can be used for all types of online business (product sales, limited access sites, memberships, etc.)
  4. If you do not have a website, you can use the Monetiser Online to create a simple payment link
  5. Updates and feature enhancements are common with a dedicated community (The GoURL Payment Box is available in many languages)
  6. The most popular payment gateway for WordPress sites



  1. Direct payments in euros to the bank account not possible (Additional steps are required for this)
  2. Slightly higher fees compared to CoinGate, and does not accept important cryptocurrencies like ether or ripple


How to Use GoURL

To use the Payment Box or the Monetiser Online, you definitely need a Bitcoin or Altcoin wallet. The ready-made Payment Gateway plugin can be downloaded and installed directly from Wordpress. Registration with GoURL is not mandatory. For security reasons, however, all sellers who use the pay-per-product plugin (ie send out a good after the sale) must create an account with GoURL. This requires your name, your place of residence and an e-mail address.



GoURL has been receiving a lot of positive review coming from its users which has helped in building its reputation as a good cryptocurrency payment gateway. In addition, it has an open source character where dedicated developers continue to improve the platform. It is not only user-friendly but is also able to integrate with regular web pages and websites making it a solid choice for online business and in monetization of pages and websites.

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