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PayU is a leading payment service provider on the market that allows you to perform quick and easy payments for both traders and buyers. PayU is focused mainly on matching the offer of buyers to consumers, providing great service and integration. The goal, like in the case of other platforms of this type, is a fast, simple and secure electronic payments on your computer, mobile device even without an internet connection.

PayU is owned by the international Naspers group, which also has services like Allegro or OLX. Thanks to this, PayU is currently being developed on all continents, Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. It is becoming more and more popular in these regions, due to its excellent adaptation that allows every customer to take advantage of PayU services.

Countries in which PayU is available are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, and Ukraine.


How does PayU work?

In order to open an account in the PayU wallet, all new clients must provide their card details, phone number, and confirmation of email address to complete the registration. Then you can go with making a purchase using PayU by choosing one of the 250 different payment methods that you would like to process the transaction with. PayU also offers many discounts in online stores, though not particularly large, it should save you a really interesting sum over the year.

For sellers, PayU is an extremely profitable system. Registration is very fast, simple and in just a few minutes you can start to serve various types of payments and process transactions of our clients. In addition, the system accepts local currency depending on the country. It is an extremely convenient solution, especially for international sellers.

For consumers, PayU is an equally attractive system. It allows you to make payments in a safe and simple way. You can pay in different PayU systems that are supported and this is a really attractive course. It is also worth noting that for each payment you earn additional points in their special loyalty program - of course, as in any such system, it will take some time before you can enjoy the benefits.

PayU supports more than 250 different payment methods, so the possibilities for sellers are quite huge. In addition, the platform is growing more and more and is acquiring new users. Actually, you can say that PayU has already become a standard method of online payments, taking the podium next to transfers, bank cards, and the Trustly system.

PayU is generally not used to deposit funds at online casinos, although there is such a possibility. The methods of depositing via this platform obviously differ from country to country.

PayU also checks each payment for fraud and theft.

Your PayU account is usually funded with a credit/debit card, but there are also other options, such as bank transfer. Payments are also possible via mobile phone.



For PayU, user safety is an absolute priority. The platform uses Sysnet system services, which guarantees adequate protection of private banking data. The company also has a standard of payment cards (PCI), which means that the PayU network is completely safe, monitored and constantly checked.

PayU also uses SSL EV protocol and international PCI DSS certificates and 3D Secure, thanks to which you can be absolutely sure that your money is safe.



  1. Allows users to make payments in a very quick and easy way
  2. Has a lot of additional security against possible thefts or scams
  3. Both sellers and online casinos do not see the exact financial information of users
  4. Completely free



  1. Offered in only a few countries (different rules and laws)



PayU is quite an interesting platform and has very good offers. In fact, it has been receiving a lot of positive reviews among its users that signify how good of a platform it is. PayU is definitely something to consider especially when you value security above all as the platform give emphasis on protecting its customers.

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