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Biometrids is a Blockchain and online identity verification platform that uses "Machine Learning" to recognize faces. It's created by a team of experts from different fields.

Biometrids is a decentralized ID that helps in identification of people through...

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0x Project (ZRX)


The 0x protocol facilitates the functioning of decentralized tokens exchange and resources based on Ethereum. Developers use 0x to create their own custom decentralized applications, most of which target users. The 0x protocol allows a secure transaction...

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Augur (REP)


The blockchain project Augur has recently received a lot of attention. It's a decentralized forecast market founded in 2014 by Joey Krug and Jack Peterson. Augurs Mainnet (REP) went live in July 2018. The platform is designed for users who want to bet...

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Bancor (BNT)


With the largest ICO in cryptocurrency history at its time, Bancor made headlines in June 2017 — investors had spent $153 million to participate in the Initial Coin Offering and secure BNT tokens. Though larger ICOs followed soon (the message service...

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Basic Attention Token (BAT)


The Basic Attention Token is part of a truly interesting, high profile Blockchain project with a proven "Real World Use". The project was initiated by Brendan Eich, the creator of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox....

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


From the original Bitcoin, an altcoin called Bitcoin Cash (BCH) emerged on 2017. Bitcoin Cash quickly became sensational since it is one of the earliest and most successful successors to Bitcoin. While borrowing many good features from the old blockchain,...

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