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Nov 30, 2015




London, England, UK



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BinaryRobot365 is a binary option that offers an automated and semi-automated trading bot which developed in the last quarter of YR2015 and officially released in the market on YR2016 by a group of pro-traders with extensive experience in financial trading. Also, the service is a UK-based platform that has headquarter located in London.

The binary software robot has already gained several excellent reviews since launching at the beginning of the year and even managed to establish membership of more than 10,000 users. The fact that the service offered at no chargers, which means that there are no any charges applies for any goods and services such as sign-up fee, monthly subscription fee, auto-bot-software prices, and service, etc. However, a minimum amount of $250 is a requirement for deposit funds in the binary option brokerages accounts. The funds deposited into the user’s trading account entirely owned by the trader which can withdraw anytime. Also, the BinaryRobot365 platform’s affiliated with regulated brokers, which showed in the drop-down menu where the list of brokers recommended to its trader (the service suggests EU regulated brokers).

The BinaryRobot365 platform uses some built-in strategies and advanced algorithm for automated and semi-automated binary options trading. The binary software trading bot was tested and optimized the results on different market conditions by their developers. The fact that the service has proven track records where the users maximized their trades which exceed 90% win rates. The automated trading bot is made to ease the trading procedures and increase the winning rates for more lucrative income. Besides the auto-trading bot options based on the pre-defined trading strategies; a semi-automated trading bot is offered by the service which makes the platform more outstanding compared to other auto-trade-software available in the market. The semi-auto-trade bot allows a user to develop or configure their trading strategies with the aids of seven different technical indicators (further discussion on how the platform works explained on “How Binary Robot 365 Software Works” section.

Moreover, the user/trader can configure their strategy based on single or multiple indicators or even a combination with a high level of customizability. Also, a demo account offered in which the user can test both the built-in strategies as well as the custom strategies. The platform provides all essential tools to configure a great binary options trading system.



•     Free Package:  A FREE auto-trading-bot that doesn’t cost any subscription fee.

•    Automated and User-friendly bot: An excellent platform that offers an automated trading bot with ease and convenience for all the users.

•    More than 90% winning rate: A promising higher success rate and payouts compares to other bots and trading systems available in the market.

•     Multiple Assets: The investment options and the number of financial assets are numerous compared to separate the same services in the market.

•     Various Brokers: The platform works with several different brokers where the trader being able to choose a new broker from the drop-down menu when they sign up.

•     Full customization: The platform offers a full range of flexibility for customizing strategies. E.g., the trader will able to configure their binary-robot-software based on their trading strategy and indicators to get the maximum winning rate for their trades.

•     Affordable Investment: The platform requires a minimum investment option that start as slow as $200 with regulated binary options brokers.

•     Stop-loss and risk feature: The binary robot software has an advanced stop-loss algorithm alerts which made it capable of reducing losses of the trader’s assets to avoid drawdowns.

•     Risk Management: The platform or the trading-bot offers an advanced “risk management parameters” where the trader being able to set the amount per trade, choice of an asset to trade, plenty of simultaneous trades, etc.

 •      Proven Track Record: “BinaryRobot365” has a proven “track record” in which the service generates more than 90% winning trades. The platform uses an advanced algorithmic binary options strategies in which all users can place an automated trades.



•    System Bug: Even though the platform is an automated or mechanical trading bot already! It is still vulnerable to programming errors and trading losses for some slight technical bug.

•    Mechanical Failure: Internet outage might trigger trades on a PC/Desktop and not a server. So, the ordered trades would not send to the market.

•    Free Service Credibility: The Free service offered by “BinaryRobot365” may not be tangible for long-term credibility and reliability.


How Binary Robot 365 Software Works:

The procedure begins with “signing up” on the online registration form at the BinaryRobot365” official website. Once completed the first phase of registration, the user will direct to the next page where the list of brokers are available by clicking the drop-down menu in which he/she will able to choose their preferred broker on which affiliated with BinaryRobot365 software. After selecting a broker, the 3rd phase is to deposit the required minimum amount of $250. Once the funding of the user’s account completed it will automatically integrate with the software and the user will able to click the “Autotrade” key to start trading.

Also, the platform has an option for “automated trading and semi-automated trading” by using the “Autotrade” function in which the user can switch between activates or deactivates the feature.

Apart from the Autotrade feature, there also other essential parameters which the trader can manually configure. These are:

•    Trade Setting: The trader can set a default investment amount, as well as the number of trades on a daily basis.

•    Asset Button: The asset button feature will allow a trader to choose the pair of assets that can trade. Also, all assets categorized into four clusters such as stocks, currency pairs, particular commodities & indices.

•    Risk Level: On this feature, the trader will able to set the level of risk through the indicator settings, number, and size of trades.

•    Expiry Button: This button will able the trader to specify the duration in which a trade would take place. The trader is allowed to set it between sixty seconds, five minutes and 30 minutes, or even up to twenty-four hours.


Subscription Type and Pricing:

The binary software trading robot at BinaryRobot365 offers to everyone for FREE of charges in a lifetime which means that NO-subscription fee is required. However, traders are compulsory to sign up with one of the associated brokers and make a deposit for a minimum amount of $250. In any case, the funds deposited into the trading account entirely owned by the trader which can withdraw anytime.


Privacy, Network and Security:

The BinaryRobot365 adopted appropriate data collection, processing practices, storage and security measures to ensure the safeguard of all user’s confidential information and the entire system against from unauthorized access, sudden changes, disclosure or destruction of the user’s personal information, credentials (UserName & Password), transaction history and data stored on web-browser (cookies).

The platform also uses SSL for a secured communication channel and encrypt all data exchanges between the site and its users. For more details about the privacy policy, network and security; please visit BinaryRobot365’s official site via this link:

It understands to note that this service only works with brokers that are regulated and licensed where the brokers licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

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