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High Altitude Investing

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Jun 30, 2017

Founder Name

Dalin Anderson and Donovan Jolley


High Altitude Crypto

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Utah, United States


$499/12 Months; $1199/Lifetime


United States


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High Altitude Crypto is a US-based crypto-trading-signals platform which precisely located at Utah, United States. The platform established in YR 2017 of the mid-year; and founded by a professional, passionate bitcoin and cryptocurrency trader since YR 2015, Mr. Dalin Anderson. The platform has abundant of knowledge/technique and tools on how they cater and deal with their client’s needs towards crypto-related-concern; hence the owner/CEO of this platform has extensive knowledge on the blockchain industry. In fact, the CEO managed to create various youtube videos about trading under the channel name “Highaltitudeinvesting” since early YR 2016.

The service dedicated to teaching the art of technical analysis specifically on the bitcoins and altcoins trading field. The platform works the same way like other crypto-trading-signal services on the cryptocurrency space, the service has the knowledge of emotional market cycles which been used by professionals in stock market trading, and applies on cryptocurrencies. Learning the fundamental of cryptocurrency trading by watching tutorials and interact with HighAltitudeCrypto’s updated ideas via their social media and forum for FREE. Also, the service offers a trading course to everyone, precisely to someone new on crypto-trading for just $99, that includes, all the essential “core tools” you’ll need to trade like professional! Learn to analyze “trend lines,” switch “time-frames” and much more. What’s more? The service also offers a three tier-VIP account; the first one is a one-year-exclusive-VIP-membership for $499, a life-time-exclusive-VIP-membership for $1199, and 12-weeks-master-mind-membership for $4999. The VIP accounts services include exclusive videos, detailed signals, and active community of other cryptocurrency enthusiast and professionals.

Cryptocurrency is a growing market, and learning to trade these coins, is one of the most profitable, and promising opportunities now this today.



•    Free video tutorials and active HighAltitudeCrypto’s community: The service offers an opportunity to everyone to gain access and master the fundamentals of crypto-trading for FREE by just watching the video tutorials and interact with other crypto-traders via’s active community that composed of professionals and crypto- enthusiast.

•  Several Subscription Choices: The platform caters to a “TradingView course” that includes the fundamental of Crypto-trading schemes which purpose to make the users like a pro on placing a trade. Also, for advance crypto-traders, the platform offers three tier-VIP Account that offers numerous advanced features, core tools and essential crypto-information and much more about this comprehensive courses.

•    User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s design is simple and well-organized in which navigation is just a piece of cake, and the advanced features purposely created as simple as it could be; instructions, tools, website pages, trend lines, etc. are excellent for the beginners and advance-crypto-traders.

•   Advanced Trading Signals: Trusted, tested and detailed signals are sent out to all of the subscribers as what the platform’s site claims.

 •   High probability of earning more profit (higher success rate): The service offers a high-chances of making more money in trading by just copying a tested “Dalin’s Trades,” that send out to all of the VIP’s subscriber which easily navigate through signals by coin. So, crypto-traders will obtain a quality and helpful suggestions for entries and exits.

•    Interactive Private channels and forums: The service offers an active private forum for all the subscribers and even a direct chat with the owner/CEO. Also, a vibrant community that composed with other cryptocurrency enthusiast and pro-crypto-traders gathered in a private crypto-community for exchanges ideas.

•   Affiliate Program: The platform offers a lucrative affiliate program to everyone.



•   Newly Established Crypto-platform: Although the service had proven channels and tested history of crypto-trading which known as “Highaltitudeinvesting” on the blockchain industry before it established as But, we can’t ignore the fact that this service was just started catering services in mid-YR 2017, which haven’t yet earned enough good reputation in this industry.

 •   Dedicated to Bitcoins and Altcoins personal investment and trading videos: The platform is purposely created to provide services for the specific cryptocurrencies, the bitcoins, and Altcoins.


How HighAltitudeCrypto Works:

High Altitude Crypto dedicated to Bitcoins and Altcoins personal investment and trading videos. The service offers an opportunity for FREE to everyone to master the fundamentals of crypto-trading by watching video tutorials, interacting and sharing ideas with other cryptocurrency enthusiast and professionals traders. The free services include candlesticks, trading indicators & patterns, support & resistance, and many altcoin predictions.

Of course, the platform also offers a paid services for the advanced features. The cheapest subscription that will cost a $99 is the “TradingView course” which designed for everyone entirely new for tradingview and covers all the necessary core-tools, trend lines, time-frames and much more about this complete course.

The service also provides three tier-VIP-membership; a One-year-exclusive-VIP-membership for as low as $499, a life-time-exclusive-VIP-membership will cost $1199, and 12-weeks-master-mind-membership for $4999. The VIP’s accounts services cover the list of features below:

More than 40 exclusive tutorial videos, detailed and updated crypto-trading-signals that are sent out to all subscribers, gain access to a private interactive community and live forum that composed with other crypto-traders enthusiast and professionals crypto-traders, MasterMind Webinars, Weekly Q&A Webinars, Webinar Archive, MasterMind Chat, and Best Coin of Month. The features that catered to each of the subscribers will vary on the type of membership they availed.

Please always remember that trading based on the signals generated from platform is “not risk-free” the same goes like other crypto-trading-signals platforms out there. Of course, the user has always had the full-freedom to have an option whether or not to act on the signals they received – because, there’s no guarantee given that you will never experience any losses.


Subscription Type and Pricing:

The service provides a FREE cryptocurrency trading tutorials by watching videos and interact with’s active community that composed of professionals and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Also, for those advance-crypto-trader or those willing to pay a little extra for quality, useful information, and a privilege to get full access of all platform’s features, will need to get their paid account. The service has several choices of payment method where the users can opt via Paypal, Credit Card (Stripe), JCB, Discover, American Express, VISA, Mastercard or to pay the services they get.


The service offers a “TradingView course” to everyone, especially to someone new on crypto-trading for just $99 that includes, all the necessary “core tools” that the users needed to trade like a pro! Also, learn to analyze the “trend lines,” switch “time-frames” and much more about this comprehensive course.

Also, the service offers a three tier-VIP account:

•    One-year-exclusive-VIP-membership for $499

•    Life-time-exclusive-VIP-membership for $1199

•    12-weeks-master-mind-membership for $4999

The VIP’s accounts services include, more than 40 exclusive videos, detailed signals, live-forum, MasterMind Webinars, Weekly Q&A Webinars, Webinar Archive, MasterMind Chat, Best Coin of Month, Membership Duration and active community of other cryptocurrency enthusiast and professionals.


Privacy, Network and Security:

The privacy practices of or High Altitude Investing are fair enough to both side of the users and service provider which explained in detail on their site, which you (crypto-trader-users) can find it via this link:

The platform’s network and security are also secured. The service investing puts security measures in place to protect against unauthorized access; these include internal reviews of data collection, storage, security measures, and processing practices, as well as physical security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access to system/web-server. The service operates secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall, and SSL to encrypt the link between the web-server and the browser, as well as password protection systems.

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